Lines overlapping

Rope hamper by the door

Both dark and light

Changing by the moment

Home, and life, and

Emptiness, and beauty.


No matter the number of emails, calls, or texts

The sun still rises on all of us pests,

And while our lives are filled with tests,

The great cycle of the world, never rests.


Hear the click and whine–

Check the clock and resign

Another lap, all is fine

But still, theres no sign.

He misses his bigger sister

He longs for his second mother

And for the tenth time, I wonder

Why don’t you chill, mister?


A sea at first glance on a chilly morn

But more a forest of craggy mountains

Red, brown and gold in the sunrise

Interrupted by a passing shadow.


Sometimes fog clears slowly

Calm in the wake.

Within a great mechanisation

Clattering steel marbles

Eventually reflect a blue sky.