After the sun sets

When dreams fill the world

My mind lingers…


Past lightning fields

Across orange groves

In alabaster castles.


I realize Little Bunny isn’t blue

She’s filled with fresh vibrancy.


Seeing anew, I change, too

Rousing the dragon within me.


One last look at the man I am

–the one I want to be.


One fresh look at the man I am

–the one I am forced to be.


Our eyes shine

Specs in the green iris

Campfire pupil.

Our world’s eye

Trees form a darkened ring

Sparkling stars beyond.

Our spirits together

An evening of sharing lives

Tear and shooting star.


Videos of police brutality

Shouting through tearful eyes

But no one seems to listen.
Terrorism here against them

Over there, against us

Everywhere, “them” and “us.”
“What happened to we?”

I ask our mother

Her response, a breeze.