Chance, as a coin tossed,

Ever a pair of outcomes

One hoped for, one dreaded

And when alone

Only temporary,

For it’s just a matter of time

Before it finds a hand to rest in.


I’m not afraid of the dark

If I gotta walk in the dark

Then I will dance in the dark–

Won’t see me fighting for the light

I will dance in the dark…

Don’t need candles for the dark

If I’m going to be in the dark

The hands I hold in the dark–

They’re the same as in the light

I’ll hold them tight in the dark.


Feet below the surface

Out of breath.

Waiting for something

Is it for death?

I’m not convinced.

There’s a chance

It’s the moment of quiet–

The moment of silence

Nothing more

Than the moment before

Just another breath.


I see the path to the door

A history of lines and dents

Beyond it a calling:

A soft and easy, embracing light.

Yet I stay inside,

Not hiding, instead striving,

As here, I feel, offers more.


Hypnotize this love out of me

I want more than a drunk memory.

Cherries ground cold, into the pavement

I’m at a loss, fighting this ailment.