My mom watches my presentation

“I promise I won’t say anything!”

She decides to say something tangential

An effort to make me look good.

Oh, Mom!

You should do what you say!


Sometimes doing what’s right makes you unpopular.

Sometimes it makes you envied. 

Sometimes, apparently, it means you drink alone at a superior bar.
What can I say? I’m a slave to ethics.


Crossing a shallow riverbed

I found alarm at arms length.
In the crevice between rocks

A snake lied in wait:

Its nose above the glassy surface,

Its body slanted in the passing current.
I wasn’t close enough to see

The shapes of the pupils watching me

But I had plenty the mind

To look quick and find

A different path for us to take

And thus avoided Mrs. Snake.


My art
In boxes.
My clothes
In boxes.
My friends
In boxes.
In boxes.

With this move
I unbox.


I can gaze past my coffee
– Past the sheets –
I can gaze past the bedroom
Past the doorway blocking me.

I can gaze past my life now
– All the way –
I can gaze through time to take me –
Into the future!