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525 by Matto.

Published on April 8, 2013

I am haunted by your smiling face.
Standing naked, looking at me,
Caught by chance on my camera.

You know I take pictures-
You know I loved to take your picture-
You know I loved you with all my heart-
At least I tried to.

So why does this image haunt me?
Because I’m not sure you remembered the camera.
I could have reminded you – but I didn’t.
At that moment, your face was all I saw.

I am who I am – I am not without flaw.
Should I delete this image of your smiling face,
This memory of you and your spirit?

Deleting it would destroy something,
Something so beautiful. Something so telling.
Deleting it would leave only a shadow-
A hole – emptiness only encapsulated by its memory.
A tree who’s core was excavated and dark,
Only a history on the outside-
And dark emptiness within.

Your face is so beautiful,
Your body so powerful,
Your smile so true.

I am haunted by the image of your smiling face,
Standing naked by the bathroom,
Looking at me.
Is shame what I feel? Loss?
Should I delete it?
I will not, its a perfect artifact of our story-
Passion and pain – peace and longing.
And smiling happy faces.

I will cherish and protect this imbued image,
This history of happiness and yearning,
For as long as its magic remains.