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569 by Matto.

Published on December 10, 2013

My first crush was popular,
I wrote her initials on my hand,
An anorexic reminder.

My first date was lame,
She thought I wanted sex-
We remained friends.

My first kiss:
Surprisingly sloppy,
Under the Rabbit pounding away.

My first wife and I grew apart,
Strong of will she left,
I think of her often.

My first naked-friend was patient-
She’s still naked,
We’re still friends!

My first fling sucked me dry,
Dancing along the urban lines,
I nearly lost myself in the field.

My first one-night stand was drunk-
Two naked bodies smoking cloves,
Wisps floating above the balcony.

My first f**k-buddy was innocent,
I’m so glad she moved on.

My first girl-friend grew scared-
We played house for a while,
It was fun playing for a time.

My first false-friend was selfish,
I was foolish for a moment,
Wise enough after to realize.

My first play-partner submitted-
I’m so glad she pushed me.

My first beta is a Wildcat,
Her purr is fierce and sweet!
We’re building our pack.

My first list of firsts-
Fond and painful memories,
One million more to come!