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829 by Matto.

Published on April 27, 2015

Ten million raindrops
Streets painted city colors
Red at the light.

Old friends found again
Old Ghost found substance
Old haunting found dissipation…
Old Ghoul found prowling.

-I remember when she told me-
-When I was in all directions-
-Deep, above, behind, inside-
-Head Over Heels, she said-
-Perhaps too hard to reconcile-
-Perhaps too inconvenient-
-Perhaps her Ghoul gave her no rest-
-Perhaps haunted her too much…-
-Although I was lost then-
-Distant past – distant memory –
-The passion and pain burned-
-Haunted me in thought and dream-

Ghoul sighted and marked
A fresh fire swept over me
And then I felt the rain.

-Washing down the earth and me-
-And with it life, and memory-
-All is made anew-
-All is made for me-
-All is for me to make anew-
-I see-

Breathe and release
Repeat and add a smile…
Green at the light.