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976 by Matto.

Published on December 24, 2015

Another year, passed again
Puzzle pieces placed and pressed
Over tea and wine and laughter
In sunlight, through whisper
Over moonbeams,
Through borrowed dreams.

Some pieces were found
Other pieces were lost
And some were removed and tossed
Trimmed and tried and twisted
Until ultimately unlisted
Free to find fitting friends.

And while still I find myself missing
Particular little pieces
Precious and magnificent little pieces
They’re fewer than before
-Not the same ones anymore-
Ones I no longer will ignore.

‘Where is tomorrow?’ I ask the rain;
…Its answer lasts an hour
‘What is a moment?’ I ask the stars;
…Their memory lingers lifetimes
‘What piece are you?’ I ask, anew;
…Tell me, and be true.