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10,000 clouds in all directions

Indra’s Net above and within

Marvel in silence.


Left right up and down
Suffering surrounds
Let your heart quiver!


Precepts Poems by Matto (Shinkai)

(Precepts in bold)


I take refuge in the Buddha, in Oneness, the awakened nature of all beings.

Realizing my nature

I have a roof during the storm.


I take refuge in the Dharma, in Diversity, the ocean of wisdom and compassion.

All the ties in a great net

Holding peace together.


I take refuge in the Sangha, in Harmony, the interdependence of all.

A bow to any one

One ten-thousand manifest.


Not knowing, thereby giving up fixed ideas about myself and the universe, I vow to cease from evil.

Practicing interdependence

Inappropriate action

A cold shower to warm up.


Bearing witness to the joy and suffering of the world, I vow to practice good.

Sawblade grasses everywhere

Clumsy feet turn red

Compassion dancing above.


Honoring wholeness in myself and others, I vow to save all beings.

Of all the insults to avoid

Taking tea first is surely worst

Only last, if at all

For this que will continue.


Recognizing that I am not separate from all that is, I vow to take up the Way of Not Killing.

Breath never stolen

Infinite wind rustles the mind

Breath of life given.


Being satisfied with what I have, I vow to take up the Way of Not Stealing.

Of all the many precious things

Time and Energy

Honor only with intention.


Honoring mutuality and respecting commitment, I vow to take up the Way of Not Misusing Sex.

A cooperative dance

Timeless starlight through clouds

Together beautiful.


Listening and speaking from the heart, I vow to take up the Way of Not Speaking Falsely.

Speak with silver sword or cripple’s cane

Fist or palm

Front and center.


Cultivating a mind that sees clearly, I vow to take up the Way of Not Intoxicating Mind and Body.

Delusions are most addictive:

A quiet flame

Embers hard to extinguish

Quickly kindled.


Unconditionally accepting what each moment has to offer, I vow to take up the Way of Not Finding Fault with Others.

The mind’s road

Sometimes filled with fools

Silent stepping springs ceaseless compassion.


Meeting others on equal ground, I vow to take up the Way of Not Elevating Myself while Abusing Others.

Rest the mind

‘I’ vs. ‘You’

Laid to rest.


Using all the ingredients of my life, I vow to take up the Way of Not Sparing the Dharma Assets.

Daylight and moon-shadows

Enjoy the cricket’s song

It’s not made for our pockets.


Transforming suffering into wisdom, I vow to take up the Way of Not Harboring Ill Will.

Cutting thoughts may slice in two

Yet as a whetstone

They can be viewed anew.


Honoring my life as an instrument of the Great Way, I vow to take up the Way of Not Defaming the Three Treasures.

All are one

Buddha nature

One and all

Must practice!


Games all night

Unlikely friends smiling

Can confirm.


Striving for the Middle Way

Rushing cars left and right

Truck exhaust warps the sky.


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