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Tag: confessions


I am haunted by your smiling face.
Standing naked, looking at me,
Caught by chance on my camera.

You know I take pictures-
You know I loved to take your picture-
You know I loved you with all my heart-
At least I tried to.

So why does this image haunt me?
Because I’m not sure you remembered the camera.
I could have reminded you – but I didn’t.
At that moment, your face was all I saw.

I am who I am – I am not without flaw.
Should I delete this image of your smiling face,
This memory of you and your spirit?

Deleting it would destroy something,
Something so beautiful. Something so telling.
Deleting it would leave only a shadow-
A hole – emptiness only encapsulated by its memory.
A tree who’s core was excavated and dark,
Only a history on the outside-
And dark emptiness within.

Your face is so beautiful,
Your body so powerful,
Your smile so true.

I am haunted by the image of your smiling face,
Standing naked by the bathroom,
Looking at me.
Is shame what I feel? Loss?
Should I delete it?
I will not, its a perfect artifact of our story-
Passion and pain – peace and longing.
And smiling happy faces.

I will cherish and protect this imbued image,
This history of happiness and yearning,
For as long as its magic remains.


One night you came for me,
You gave me a special meal-
I’m sorry I didn’t want more.


New friend with an old face-
Old friend with a new face-
So much temptation to touch you,
I’m glad you reached and kissed me.

Restrained play together,
Always expanding boundaries
Always pushing against a boundary
Held firm in grasp-
Held by reason.

Never succumbing to greed
Always succumbing to more
Release is always granted.


Full of your talents,
I filled you with mine
But it was a lie- you and I
You were only playing.

I was only playing-
A very different game
One that everyone wins.

In the dark we played
In the light I stayed
True – but not you-
Silence signaled the end.


It started with just a kiss-
Mountains set crumbling in a moment
Burying us underneath them

It’s why I did it-
We both needed it.

Our wounds were deep,
For a long time – we cried and hugged
Until one day – we laughed and loved,
And we held hands.

I let you go when you needed more,
I’m sorry it took you so long to find it.

I’m happy to have held your hand,
I’m happy to have given that kiss,
I’m happy to see you happy.


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