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Tag: loneliness


Another night spent working

Floating tea, sonatas and paragraphs

Coincidental conversations.


Invisible tears

Neither fall off nor on

To deaf ears.


No one to share this beer
A pair of dogs nuzzle my feet.


Funky tunes at a brewpub
Looking for my people
Finding some but missing others.

Only the other knows it.

The bartender’s smile
A nice garnish to mediocre beer
But her ass is fantastic.

I hope she knows it.

Light conversation inside
Music and fresh air outside
A lonely but pleasant night.

Only I know it.

Across a damp crossroad
A light is cut — dividing the sky
A sharp delineation.

Only I see it.

Behind me I notice
Positivity prevails on local Twitter
I get to try a special seasonal beer!

Only I enjoyed it.


Always alone with my thoughts
Sometimes alone even when not.

Dancing along the line
Leaning over the edge
Aware of the height.

Water in the microwave is boiling
I just realize I used too much time.

One foot after the other
Looking through windows
Watching assumed safety.

Loved ones around me rally support
I must smile, accept, and continue.

Creak in the floorboards
Hoping not to wake anyone
Darkness absorbing sound.

Held together with strings and thread
Ripping and tearing along the seams.

Sitting in the quiet
Reins held over emotions
Folding my hands.

Smooth breath comes way too hard
The world spins along beneath me.

Dreading a mis-step
I can no longer see my path
Blinded by darkness.

Always alone with my thoughts
Recently alone – even when not.


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