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Tag: love


Love, I comprehend.


Cannot comprehend.


Squirrels crunch the last acorns
My loves sleep while the day wakes
Cherished silence and fragility.


I’m not afraid of the dark

If I gotta walk in the dark

Then I will dance in the dark–

Won’t see me fighting for the light

I will dance in the dark…

Don’t need candles for the dark

If I’m going to be in the dark

The hands I hold in the dark–

They’re the same as in the light

I’ll hold them tight in the dark.


Violet on the shady riverbank

Lily in the water



In the middle of the night

I go walking out of sleep.

From the mountains of pain

Through the valley of loss

Through the jungle of Chance

Through the desert of hope

Toward a river so deep.

I know I’ve been looking for something

Something to complete my soul.

(Do you know this song? It’s by Billy Joel!?)

Something I never had

Something I can’t get alone.

Something I can’t define

But can attempt to describe.

It can only be held

With a hand lacking grasp

In a hand outside myself

With a heart beside my own.

And now I wade in the river

On my way to the ocean.

My hands are still warm

Remembering those I held.

They had a mountain of pain

And a valley of loss.

They had a jungle of chance

And desert of hope.

I remember them all

As the river gets deeper

As the ocean comes nearer

As I smile at the moon

With her guiding light

In the middle of the night.


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