I’m not afraid of the dark

If I gotta walk in the dark

Then I will dance in the dark–

Won’t see me fighting for the light

I will dance in the dark…

Don’t need candles for the dark

If I’m going to be in the dark

The hands I hold in the dark–

They’re the same as in the light

I’ll hold them tight in the dark.


Hypnotize this love out of me

I want more than a drunk memory.

Cherries ground cold, into the pavement

I’m at a loss, fighting this ailment.


I think I’m gonna be sad

I think it’s going away-

Although I’d rather be glad

I know it’ll be okay.


In the middle of the night

I go walking out of sleep.

From the mountains of pain

Through the valley of loss

Through the jungle of Chance

Through the desert of hope

Toward a river so deep.

I know I’ve been looking for something

Something to complete my soul.

(Do you know this song? It’s by Billy Joel!?)

Something I never had

Something I can’t get alone.

Something I can’t define

But can attempt to describe.

It can only be held

With a hand lacking grasp

In a hand outside myself

With a heart beside my own.

And now I wade in the river

On my way to the ocean.

My hands are still warm

Remembering those I held.

They had a mountain of pain

And a valley of loss.

They had a jungle of chance

And desert of hope.

I remember them all

As the river gets deeper

As the ocean comes nearer

As I smile at the moon

With her guiding light

In the middle of the night.


Who, who?

Do you love, do you love now?

…Shouldn’t it be you?