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Little ants spaced apart

Racing along the mountain’s craggy spine

A lonely cloud lingers.


Precepts Poems by Matto (Shinkai)

(Precepts in bold)


I take refuge in the Buddha, in Oneness, the awakened nature of all beings.

Realizing my nature

I have a roof during the storm.


I take refuge in the Dharma, in Diversity, the ocean of wisdom and compassion.

All the ties in a great net

Holding peace together.


I take refuge in the Sangha, in Harmony, the interdependence of all.

A bow to any one

One ten-thousand manifest.


Not knowing, thereby giving up fixed ideas about myself and the universe, I vow to cease from evil.

Practicing interdependence

Inappropriate action

A cold shower to warm up.


Bearing witness to the joy and suffering of the world, I vow to practice good.

Sawblade grasses everywhere

Clumsy feet turn red

Compassion dancing above.


Honoring wholeness in myself and others, I vow to save all beings.

Of all the insults to avoid

Taking tea first is surely worst

Only last, if at all

For this que will continue.


Recognizing that I am not separate from all that is, I vow to take up the Way of Not Killing.

Breath never stolen

Infinite wind rustles the mind

Breath of life given.


Being satisfied with what I have, I vow to take up the Way of Not Stealing.

Of all the many precious things

Time and Energy

Honor only with intention.


Honoring mutuality and respecting commitment, I vow to take up the Way of Not Misusing Sex.

A cooperative dance

Timeless starlight through clouds

Together beautiful.


Listening and speaking from the heart, I vow to take up the Way of Not Speaking Falsely.

Speak with silver sword or cripple’s cane

Fist or palm

Front and center.


Cultivating a mind that sees clearly, I vow to take up the Way of Not Intoxicating Mind and Body.

Delusions are most addictive:

A quiet flame

Embers hard to extinguish

Quickly kindled.


Unconditionally accepting what each moment has to offer, I vow to take up the Way of Not Finding Fault with Others.

The mind’s road

Sometimes filled with fools

Silent stepping springs ceaseless compassion.


Meeting others on equal ground, I vow to take up the Way of Not Elevating Myself while Abusing Others.

Rest the mind

‘I’ vs. ‘You’

Laid to rest.


Using all the ingredients of my life, I vow to take up the Way of Not Sparing the Dharma Assets.

Daylight and moon-shadows

Enjoy the cricket’s song

It’s not made for our pockets.


Transforming suffering into wisdom, I vow to take up the Way of Not Harboring Ill Will.

Cutting thoughts may slice in two

Yet as a whetstone

They can be viewed anew.


Honoring my life as an instrument of the Great Way, I vow to take up the Way of Not Defaming the Three Treasures.

All are one

Buddha nature

One and all

Must practice!


Sirens in my bedroom

How can I sleep while others suffer?

I must to make change.


A dream’s memory
Like the last leaf on the oak
Hanging by a thread.

When all else is still
With attention, shapes dance
A fleeting moment.


Season in and season out
Light by day and dark by night.

Only as the world sleeps, do I see
A face in the glass, staring at me.


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